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1% for the Hungry: Join us to strengthen our communities

Each month, we allocate 1% of the volume from our membership program to assist local organizations in providing meals to underserved communities. Many individuals in the Northeast face limited access to affordable, sustainably sourced food, especially access to high-quality protein.

Through the support of Walden Local members, our contributions directly aid organizations like Second Chance Foods in Fishkill, New York, Food Link in Arlington, Massachusetts, The Greater Boston Food Bank, and the Pine Street Inn in Boston, Massachusetts. 

Recognizing the pivotal role of high-quality protein in maintaining a balanced diet, we are deeply committed to supporting their initiatives in fortifying food security and sustainability, fostering the resilience and well-being of our local communities.


Image of Walden Local Employees with a donation
Walden Local Meat team members unloading a donation to the Pine Street Inn.