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Walden Local Meat Named Top Meat Subscription by Country Living Magazine

What sets them apart: This New England and New York State company works with small farms using ethical and sustainable methods.

What we tried: Whole chicken, ground beef, sweet Italian sausage, ribeye steaks, pork chops, bacon, and breakfast sausage

What our testers said: "The ground beef was okay. I do think I could tell it was a higher quality beef than what I usually buy, but I don't know that there was that much of a difference. The steak was especially good: It was flavorful, good quality, and definitely better than what we usually get at the local grocery store."

Our calculated cost, per pound, of what we tried: $17.50

Ground beef rating: 9/10

Steak rating: 10/10

Final thoughts: Ultimately, our testers decided this was a good deal considering everything that comes in a package, saying: "It's a nice variety and it's definitely good quality meat, which is so expensive at the grocery store these days anyway. If you wanted to plan out meals (and were a couple or small family), this would be a good option. I like the idea of ordering a variety package of meats and having them in my freezer to use when I need them."

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