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February Specials 2023

Chicken noodle soup make with our soup pack found in our monthly specials!

February may bring chilly weather, but it also brings the opportunity to nourish our bodies with delicious, sustainable food from local farms! As we get cozy in the winter, and spend more time indoors, the new year health resolutions we made on January 1st meet their first major test. Fortunately, Walden Local can help you stick to your goals with nutritionally rich, local meat and seafood!

Your Walden share (and our monthly seasonal specials) give you plenty of options to eat nutritionally and sustainably. See some of our seasonal February highlights here:


Dark Chocolate Hearts

Share some love this Valentine’s day with these amazing organic dark chocolate hearts made in Vermont.

chocolate hearts

Crest di Gallo Pasta

This Crest di Gallo Pasta from Deano’s Pasta is slow dried in small batches on wooden racks for 2 days. This process makes this unique, local pasta have a punchier flavor!

crest di gallo

Chicken Noodle Soup Pack

Warm up those cold winter nights with our amazing local Chicken Noodle Soup Starter Pack! Flavorful chicken bone broth, pasture-raised chicken leg quarters, and slow dried Crest di Gallo pasta - it’s everything you need to make a delicious 1 pot meal!

chicken soup starter pack

Grass-Fed Ghee

Our grass-fed ghee is made with our organic clarified butter! Why is ghee so special? When clarifying butter, water is removed. This creates a shelf stable, caramelized spread with a generously high smoke-point. Ghee is an ideal cooking fat and is delicious spread on toast!


Leg Quarters

Truly pasture-raised local chicken! Two beautiful thighs + drums. Perfect for a quick roast in the oven, or a flavorful addition to a soup! ~1-2 lbs

chicken leg quarter

Walden partner farmers still allow access to snowy pastures for all the animals they raise through winter. Stay warm out there!