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January Specials 2023!

Walden farmers rely on their pastures to keep their herds healthy and fed - but it’s important that they keep winter prep in mind all year long. Caring for their cattle during the cold, wet, and windy months can be tough, but herds need a cozy place to take shelter and the right diet to keep them strong.

In addition to shelter from the worst of the weather, cattle need to have a place where they can get some exercise and fresh air, even in the colder months. Steve has noticed that even on the coldest, clearest days, his cows will often choose to graze on stockpiled grass in the fields, even if there’s six inches of snow on the ground! It’s all about finding the right balance.

“The great thing about raising cattle in New England specifically is that they’re actually very comfortable in cool or even cold temperatures,” said Steve Schubart, Walden’s farm auditor and a farmer himself. “It’s during hot temperatures when cows are more uncomfortable. There are no flies in winter.” larger than 4 MB)We hope YOU stay plenty warm this winter (and also get a little time to make snow angels)! It’s the perfect time for a nice warm bowl of chili, or to try a new soup recipe. Here are some seasonal specials we hope you’ll enjoy:

There are lots of exciting, local specials on your member page this month! Here are some highlights for January:


Seafood Variety Pack

We have an amazing array of local seafood right here in the Northeast! Try some of our favorites with 1lb of North American Black Sea Bass fillets, 1lb of Monk Fish fillets, and 1lbs of Haddock fillets. Each pack has 2 fillets.

Ground Chicken

Our amazing pasture-raised chicken, now available ground! Perfect for chicken meatballs, sauces, burgers and more. 0.7 - 1.3 lbs.

Grass-fed ghee

Our grass-fed ghee is made with our organic clarified butter! Why is ghee so special? When clarifying butter, water is removed. This creates a shelf stable, caramelized spread with a generously high smoke-point. Ghee is an ideal cooking fat and is delicious spread on toast! - 4oz jar

Tallow Balm

Made from Walden grass-fed tallow, this balm will help keep you and your loved ones’ skin soft and moisturized. 2oz. Ingredients: Tallow from Walden 100% grass-fed cows, high oleic unrefined sunflower oil.

Chicken Bone Broth

Reformulated with a new processing partner, our chicken broth is made with bones from our pasture-raised chicken, simmered for hours along with organic onions, organic celery, and organic carrots for rich and complex flavor. No salt added, just a simple satisfying broth for your soups, sauces, and even drinking as-is. 22 oz.

Give the gift of Walden Local

Introducing our new Walden gift store! Browse our curated packages from holiday centerpieces to member favorite bundles! Deliverable across New England, New York, and New Jersey, these curated shares are sent with two day shipping via third party delivery.

Egg-laying hens getting plenty of sunshine and access to fresh snow!