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May Specials Update

Celebrate Spring and Chicken Season

in Your May Share!

We love the rolling spring breezes of May! It’s a time for picnics in the park, taking a stroll with the dogs, hiking in the woods with the kids; we love to be outside! All of springtime buzzes with vitality. It helps us reset from winter and charge into life with a burst of optimism, ready to make a positive impact on ourselves – and the world around us.

Our wonderful chicken partner farmers are no different. In line with Walden’s mission of creating a sustainable local food economy, they have taken it on themselves to not only raise healthier, happier birds, but also, to create a symbiotic relationship with their environment by cultivating healthier land for those animals to live on.

Walden’s partner farmers raise chickens that go out on pasture, meaning they have access to forage in grassy fields. They get to express their natural behaviors, breathe fresh air, and even add some tasty plants and bugs to their diet, helping give their yolks that bright orange hue we all love! (Yolks are normally paler in the winter due to the weather and chickens wanting to spend more time around the coup, eating the feed provided by the farmers). We ensure these quality standards by auditing partner farms every quarter, visiting the very pastures the birds live on. We like to say if the chickens are out on pasture, so are we!

But these practices don’t only produce healthier birds, they also work wonders for the pastures themselves. Chicken manure is rich in nitrogen – a major component of chlorophyll, which plants use to convert sunlight into energy. Plus, as they wander around, they scratch and pick at the grass, aerating the soil. Plants will release sugars to feed the microbes in the now aerated dirt, who in turn, convert compounds in the soil into nutrients that the plants feed on via their root systems. It’s an incredible system of interdependence that benefits all involved!

Thanks to you, your friends, and your neighbors, Walden is able to partner with these farmers, continuing to build a healthier local food ecosystem to last generations. We hope you get to enjoy all the wonders of May, soaking in quality outdoor time with your loved ones and cooking some delicious, locally sustainable Walden meats!

Here are some of our amazing seasonal specials for May!

Here are some exciting seasonal highlights for May shares!

Burger Starter Pack

Introducing our burger starter pack - the perfect way to upgrade your burger game! With 5 pounds of delicious grass-fed ground beef and 2 packs of jack style cheese made with raw A2 milk, you'll have everything you need to make incredible burgers at home.

Whole Chicken

Try our pasture-raised chicken! Raised on pasture, our chicken is free from antibiotics and hormones, resulting in a rich and flavorful meat. Whether roasted, grilled or used in your favorite recipes, this chicken is sure to be a crowd-pleaser!

Chicken Breast

Our pasture-raised chicken breast is a healthy and delicious choice for any meal. Local just tastes better! Versatile and easy to prepare, this chicken breast is perfect for a quick weeknight dinner or for adding protein to your favorite spring recipes. 

Grass-fed Beef Chili with Beans

Our grass-fed chili is the ultimate comfort food - hearty, nutritious and delicious! Made with premium grass-fed beef and a blend of flavorful spices, it's perfect for chilly nights or anytime you need a satisfying meal.

Bolognese Meat Sauce

Enjoy this hearty and delicious meat sauce made with a blend of locally sourced, pasture-raised ground pork and grass-fed ground beef, perfect for adding flavor to your favorite dishes.