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Sailing the Sustainable Seas! July Specials 2023.

Walk through any coastal town in New England or New York, and you’ll see a deep rooted history tied to the sea. Many of our towns and cities were built by those braving the cold waters to keep their communities fed. To maintain the charm and history of our oceanside communities, Walden is supporting the local fishing regions by offering you the best types of in-season seafood that you can buy locally and sustainably.

But what exactly is in-season seafood?

All seafood that Walden sources is wild caught. One of our sustainability goals at Walden is to eat in line with what our ecosystem has to offer. Walden shares consist of only fully mature fish that are at or above target populations and are local to our region at that time of year. In other words, we’re simply eating what is in season. Have you ever tried eating a watermelon in January? Not so tasty. So why do the same thing with your seafood? Farm raised fish grow in a forced-environment contrary to their natural habitat and growth styles. Plus, many farming practices are not in harmony with our ethical standards. We have committed to catching what is local to our region while working with community focused, small and independent fishing operations who can offer us seafood that is 100% traceable.

Because we’re focused on locality, you’ll find that we provide lesser known, more unique species of fish and seafood, much like our usage of less familiar beef and pork cuts in shares!. Species that are incredibly delicious, just not common in grocery stores or restaurants. Have you ever tried Scup, Skate, or Fluke? From a butter basted skate wing, to a seafood risotto made with fluke, locally caught fish can bring a new level of excitement to your kitchen, just as some lesser known meat cuts have!

Walden partners with only day-boat fishermen who are committed to make sustainable fishing work. These smaller operators have a vested interest in sustaining fish populations so they’re not depleted and they can continue to make their living generation after generation. A big part of their sustainability metrics is – you guessed it – catching fish that are in season. So when you get a Walden seafood share, you’re not only helping your local oceanic ecosystem, you’re helping maintain your wonderful seaside communities that have been part of our culture in the Northeast for hundreds of years!

So the next time you find yourself ordering some fried clams in a small fishing town or overlooking the docks of Boston harbor, tip your hat to all the boats as they come in for the day. They’re the ones bringing your Walden shares to your homes!

With the biggest variety of seasonal seafood available in August, now is the perfect time to add seafood to your share!

In July we’re celebrating the tradition of local seafood in the Northeast! Sample some wild caught seafood and our several exciting specials offerings for your July share.


Cape Cod Sea Scallops

A perennial favorite, our sea scallops are caught off the coast of MA. With no extra water added to extend freshness, this results in a meatier, sweeter scallop for you to enjoy!


Full-flavored and high in omega-3s. Bluefish is versatile and can be seasoned and baked on its own, or used to create rich dips and pâtés.

Ground Chicken

Our pasture-raised chicken, now available ground! Perfect for chicken meatballs, sauces, burgers and more.

Summer Scorcher Sausage Pack

Add some heat to your summer grilling! This pack features our delicious Firecracker, Chorizo, Hot Italian, and Kielbasa offerings. Perfect for those who crave a touch of spice!

Photo credit of Katie Ring Photography