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Sample our locally farmed, pasture-raised chicken in every Complete or Custom share for free for an entire year! *Free chicken offer will be automatically applied to your new membership.
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Sign up today and get a YEAR of free chicken! First, let us confirm we can deliver to you.
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Get 2lb. of free chicken cuts like breasts, thighs or wings in every delivery for a year! This free chicken offer is valid for new members only on Complete or Custom shares. Offer will be applied automatically at checkout.

Farmed-next-door taste.

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Grass-fed and pasture-raised meat with superior flavor and nutrition. Regeneratively farmed to leave the soil healthier than we found it for generations to come.
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Supporting Local Farmers
Sourced directly from the best farmers in the Northeast. $0.55 of every dollar spent with Walden goes into a local farmer's pocket, compared to $0.15 at a supermarket.
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Delivered to Your Door
Your meat share is delivered directly to your door by our dedicated Walden Local drivers. No more trips to the store—just delicious, high-quality meats delivered hassle-free.
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Endless Variety
Make the share your own with different proteins, portions, special products and more - all to fit how you cook, eat and live.

Join 25,000+ happy members

Walden is fantastic! We have been so happy with everything we have received! Delicious meals have been made out of everything that has been sent to us in our share. The delivery is easy and reliable. I highly recommend Walden Local Meat Co.

– Simoneau Family (Madison, CT)

I've been a customer for close to two years now. One of the best decisions we've made. The best tasting meat and they're a great company to deal with. Plus, you're supporting local farmers. Can't recommend them highly enough.

– Scott S. (Manchester, NH)

I’ve been a Walden customer for over two years now. I love having control over my share and being able to get hard-to-find cuts. Their transparency is comforting, and I enjoy knowing the local farm location where my products come from.

– Daniel C. (Waltham, MA)

Frequently asked

Rather than a la carte, we sell meat in shares, offering a different selection of the highest quality, hand-selected cuts each month.

We evenly distribute every cut across our member base, utilizing the whole animal (organs sold separately).

We print the name of the farmer and town where the animal was raised on each package.
Although all of our suppliers pledge not to use pesticides, herbicides or antibiotics of any kind, not all of our suppliers have pursued USDA organic certification because it is tremendously costly for small producers.

We have found that there are other, perhaps more important, indicators of quality and sustainability. Most beef that is certified organic still comes from a cow raised in a feedlot, where it is fed corn or grain, which is completely unnatural for a grazing animal. Although it’s great that the corn is organic, any type of grain wreaks havoc on a cow’s digestive system and produces meat that is much less healthy: higher in saturated fat and the “bad-fat” Omega-6s.

We think our own standards are much tougher; you can learn more about them on our standards page. Our beef is 100% grass-fed and finished – they receive no grain, no soy, no corn, and no wheat ever.
Yes! We offer wild-caught fish and seafood from haddock, swordfish, hake, skate, monkfish, black sea bass, pollock and more. We are not only able to trace the fish we sell to the name of the fisherman who caught it, but also the location and time it was caught and even which boat brought it into port.
Yes, you can cancel or skip a month anytime by selecting the skip or makeup day option on your member page, unless your share has already been assembled (your share is packed a few days before delivery, and we send you a few email reminders!).

If you’d like to skip multiple months, just email us at and we’ll put your deliveries on hold while you’re away. You can restart at any time without having to re-enter all of your information.

If you'd like to cancel your membership, please contact member experience by phone or email. We also offer every other month, or every 3rd month shares if this works better for your family!
We currently deliver free of charge all the way from Portland, Maine to Central New Jersey. If you are outside the delivery area, we are happy to deliver to a work or friend’s address!

Check your zip code
Our meat generally reaches our members more quickly than a typical industrial producer would – mostly because it is traveling a shorter distance.

What depletes the flavor of the meat is not letting it age properly (in the case of beef), slowly freezing it or quickly de-frosting it (as in a microwave). After dry aging, our beef is custom cut and flash frozen, transported in a below-zero degree freezer, and left for you packed with cold packs and/or dry ice.

We believe this results in the best tasting meat possible.

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Sign up today and get a YEAR of free chicken! First, let us confirm we can deliver to you.
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