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Wrapped with bacon for a festive appetizer or seared with garlic and lemon for an easy yet elegant dinner, our sea scallops are caught off the coast of MA and are immediately flash frozen to maintain top quality. They are 'dry', meaning no extra water has been added to extend freshness, which results in a meatier, sweeter scallop that loses less water during cooking. 1lb packs, ~12 scallops per pack.
Cape Cod Sea Scallops
$39.99 per Pack
Two shell-on tails per package, 0.6lbs total. Caught along the New England coast, each package will come labeled with the fisherman's name
Lobster Tails
$32.99 per Pack
Perfect for a quick and delicious meal! Ingredients: Haddock, water, canola oil, enriched wheat flour, modified corn starch, yellow corn flour, sea salt blend (potassium chloride, sea salt), sugar, salt, yeast, sunflower oil, natural flavors, soybean oil, citric acid. 1lb pack.
Breaded Haddock
$15.99 per Pack
Swordfish has a firm, meaty texture and a mild flavor. Try them pan-roasted or grilled! 1lb pack.
North Atlantic Swordfish Steaks
$26.99 per Pack
Our North American Sea Bass has lean and firm meat that is mild and delicate in flavor. It is great for a quick mid-week meal, and as with all of our seafood, each package will be labeled with the boat and fisherman of origin for full traceability! 2 fillets per pack (~1 lb.)
Black Sea Bass
$23.99 per Pack
1lb packs of tentacles and tubes - great for pastas, salads, or homemade calamari!
Atlantic Longfin Squid
$20.79 per Pack
Haddock has a mildly sweet taste with lean white flesh and medium flakes with a texture which is firm yet tender after cooking. It is a versatile and easy to cook fish that tends to work well with cooking techniques like baking, broiling, frying, and poaching. Each pack will be labelled with the name of the fisherman and port of origin! 1lb packs, 2 fillets per pack.
North Atlantic Haddock
$18.99 per Pack
Monkfish has a mild taste with lean white flesh and a firm texture often compared to lobster. Each pack will be labelled with the name of the fisherman and port of origin! 1lb packs
$19.99 per Pack
Fluke, a type of flounder, has a delicate, flaky texture. 1 lb pack.
$20.99 per Pack
A firmer white fish, Pollock is less flaky than Cod, and great for a fish stew. 1 lb packs
$16.99 per Pack
Locally caught, this whole Scup is scaled and cleaned, and is a mild white fish. Try cooking it whole on the grill! ~1-2lbs
Whole Scup
$10.99 per Pack
A mild, white flakey fish great for quick pan searing. 1lb Packs
Scup Fillets
$16.99 per Pack
Acadian Redfish is a favorite due to its mild, slightly sweet taste and flaky meat. Its a great alternative to other white-meat fish like Haddock, and is easy to cook, though the fillets are small and lean, so they cook fast! ~1lb.
Acadian Redfish
$16.99 per Pack
With a firmer, lobster-like texture, and similar size to a scallop, Monkfish cheeks are a succulent meal! 1lb Pack
Monkfish Cheeks
$15.99 per Pack
Skate has a delicate flavor and firm flesh, which is best prepared pan-seared or poached.
Skate Wing
$15.49 per Pack
Our amazing, local bluefish is full-flavored and high in omega-3s. Season, bake and enjoy on its own, or use to create rich dips and pâtés. ~1lb pack.
$17.99 per Pack
A classic New England staple, these clam strips are from locally caught clams and come in 1lb packs (not breaded).
Clam Strips
$20.99 per Pack
Dabs (also known as American Plaice) are a unique and rare member of the flounder family. The relatively small fillet is white, tender, and has a subtle flavor that lends itself to a variety of dishes. This is a hyper-seasonal fish that won't be around for long, so get it while you can! 1lb packs.
$16.99 per Pack
Our locally caught Walleye is a prized fish known for its firm and flaky texture. Whether pan-fried to golden perfection or baked with flavorful seasonings, its firm flesh holds up beautifully, making it an easy and delicious fish to cook! ~1lb.
$18.99 per Pack
Indulge in the delightful flavors of our locally caught Hake, a true gem from the sea. Belonging to the cod family, Hake offers a delicate texture that is even more tender than cod or haddock. With its mild and flaky profile, Hake is a versatile fish that is not only delicious but also environmentally responsible. Sourced from local day-boat fishermen, our Hake is light and delicious. 12oz pack
$15.99 per Pack
Locally caught swordfish, perfect for the grill! 1lb pack
Swordfish Kabobs
$20.49 per Pack