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lamb top sirloin
Amazingly tender, our pasture-raised lamb top sirloin is perfect for a high heat sear. Finish in the oven until medium-rare and serve thinly sliced. 0.25 - 2.5 lbs.
Lamb Top Sirloin
$19.99 / pound
A unique and flavorful cut, these are great marinated and grilled! 0.5 - 2.5 lbs.
Lamb Bone-in Shoulder Chop
$19.99 / pound
bone in lamb stew meat
Our delicious bone-in stew meat is perfect for your next slow cooked stew! The added bone helps add depth and flavor to your recipe. Contains ~1lb of our pasture-raised lamb.
Lamb Bone In Stew Meat
$16.19 per Pack
Great for hearty chili, meatballs, kababs, or homemade lamb sausages. 1lb Packs.
Ground Lamb
$15.99 per Pound
Available in very limited quantities. Our sliced pasture-raised lamb liver is high in iron and works great for a pâté, or cooked up on the griddle and served with a side of veggies! ~ 2lb packages
Lamb Liver
$15.99 / pound
Walden Rack of Lamb
Try our tender, flavorful, and locally sourced rack of lamb this holiday! Our lamb is unique in that it's pasture-raised, making it both sustainable and packed with nutrition. Available in very limited quantities, this versatile protein is a true standout and best enjoyed cooked to medium-rare. 2 - 3.75 lbs.
Rack of Lamb
$39.99 / pound
Try them deviled or sauteed! ~ 1lb packs
Lamb Kidney
$15.99 / pound
lamb bones
Pasture-raised lamb bones for creating a delicious and hearty soup stock! 1 - 3 lbs.
Lamb Bones
$5.99 / pound
A rich, flavorful fat; render down to use as a cooking base, adding layered flavor to your recipes! 3 - 6 lbs.
Lamb Fat
$2.00 / pound
Great for lamb tongue tacos!
Lamb Tongue
$15.99 per ~ 1lb Pack
Lamb Heart can be cooked in several ways and is an extremely versatile cut! It is tender enough to be grilled or pan-fried, but be careful not to overcook! Or, you can braise it on top the stove, or in the oven or a crockpot. 2 per pack.
Lamb Heart
$12.99 / pound