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lamb bones
Pasture-raised lamb bones for creating a delicious and hearty soup stock! 1 - 3 lbs.
Lamb Bones
$6.99 / pound
A 1lb blend of ground beef, beef heart, beef liver, and beef kidney create a nutritional powerhouse and help butchers use all parts of the animal. Try our butcher's grind in your favorite chili or bolognese recipe for added depth of flavor. 1lb brick.
Butcher's Grind
$8.99 per Pack
We are now happy to offer pork trotters! Trotters are popular in dishes across the world and are particularly great for low and slow cooking and braising and especially for stocks and soups. If you have any reservations about trying these out, shoot us a note and we will send you some recipes and cooking tips. ~2-3lbs.
Pork Trotters
$5.99 / pound
A rich, flavorful fat; render down to use as a cooking base, adding layered flavor to your recipes! 3 - 6 lbs.
Lamb Fat
$2.99 / pound
Chicken skin is one of the best parts of a chicken! You can bake or fry it until it's nice and crispy for a perfect keto-friendly and paleo snack. Arrives frozen, unseasoned, and ready for your favorite recipe. ~1lb
Chicken Skin
$2.99 per ~1lb Pack
Our grass-fed bones are chock-full of protein, amino acids, and collagen! Along with being healthy, these knuckle bones will make thick, delicious stocks. ~1-2 lbs
Beef Knuckle Bones
$4.49 / pound
Great for homemade tallow for frying! ~ 2-5lbs
Beef Suet
$2.29 / pound
Great for homemade lard for baking! ~5 lbs
Unrendered Pork Lard
$3.49 / pound
Pasture-raised pork bones are great for unique stocks! ~ 2lbs
Pork Bones
$3.49 / pound
Great for DIY dog treats! ~ 1lb
Beef Kidney
$1.99 / pound
Grass-fed marrow bones make great roasted marrow spreads and treats for dogs.
Beef Marrow Bones
$6.99 / pound
A great addition to a stew! ~ 1lb packs
Pork Heart
$3.99 / pound
Great on the grill or braised in wine! ~ 3lb packs
Beef Heart
$5.49 / pound
Available in very limited quantities. Our sliced pasture-raised lamb liver is high in iron and works great for a pâté, or cooked up on the griddle and served with a side of veggies! ~ 2lb packages
Lamb Liver
$16.99 / pound
Try them deviled or sauteed! ~ 1lb packs
Lamb Kidney
$15.99 / pound
Great for lamb tongue tacos!
Lamb Tongue
$16.99 per ~ 1lb Pack
Chicken backs are loaded with gelatin and connective tissues, which are essential for thick, gut healthy broths! Simply add our chicken backs to some water and simmer for several hours to create your own! Pasture-raised in New Hampshire and Vermont. ~ 2-5lb bag
Chicken Backs
$1.99 / pound
Great for super gelatinous stocks! ~5lb packages.
Chicken Necks
$5.49 per ~ 5lb Pack
Lamb Heart can be cooked in several ways and is an extremely versatile cut! It is tender enough to be grilled or pan-fried, but be careful not to overcook! Or, you can braise it on top the stove, or in the oven or a crockpot. 2 per pack.
Lamb Heart
$13.99 / pound
Walden's pasture-raised chicken liver is a nutrient-dense delicacy that is perfect for creating a delicious pate! Packed with essential vitamins and minerals, our high-quality chicken liver is a healthy addition to your diet. ~1lb packages.
Chicken Liver
$4.99 per Pack
Great for beef tongue tacos! ~1-2.5lbs
Beef Tongue
$8.69 / pound
~ 1-1.5lb packages
Pork Liver
$5.49 / pound
These whole chickens are raised on pastures right here in New England. Their smaller size makes them ideal for soups and stocks!
Stock Chickens
$6.99 / pound