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Our amazing pasture-raised chicken, now available ground! Perfect for chicken meatballs, sauces, burgers and more. 0.7 - 1.3 lbs.
Ground Chicken
$14.99 / pound
Truly pasture raised local skinless, boneless breasts. Two per pack, ~1.2lbs.
Chicken Breasts
$13.49 / pound
Our great tasting pasture-raised chicken thighs are an incredibly flexible option for quick meal prep throughout the week. ~1.5 lb per pack
Chicken Thighs
$11.99 / pound
Our whole chickens are pasture raised right here in New England. ~2-6lbs/bird.
Whole Chicken
$9.99 / pound
NEW Chicken Drumstick
Do you ever just feel like a delicious pasture-raised drumstick? Well, we heard you! Enjoy.
Chicken Drumsticks
$8.99 / pound
Smoked to perfection with a custom spice blend, these fully cooked chickens are expertly prepared and ready to enjoy. 2.5 - 5 lbs. Ingredients: Walden Chicken, chili powder, paprika, black pepper, cayenne pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, salt, thyme
Smoked Chicken
$12.99 / pound
Savor the amazing taste of our cooked pasture-raised chicken sausage. Crafted with care and rich in flavor, these sausages are made with real local Vermont maple syrup! Whether enjoyed on their own or added to your favorite recipes, our pasture-raised chicken sausages are a convenient and delicious choice for a satisfying breakfast. 1 lbs pack Fully Cooked
Cooked Maple Chicken Sausage
$15.99 per Pack
Truly pasture-raised local chicken! Two beautiful thighs + drums. Perfect for a quick roast in the oven, a grill, or a flavorful addition to a soup! ~1-2 lbs
Chicken Legs
$10.99 / pound
chicken wings
Our truly pasture-raised wings, now split into wings and drums! Just toss in your favorite marinade and these locally raised wings are ready to hit the grill or oven. Perfect for a party snack or a quick weeknight dinner! While pack weight will vary, the average weight is ~3 lb per pack
Split Chicken Wings
$7.99 / pound
Get ready to elevate your next gathering with our Chicken Wings Value Pack. This pack includes two 3 - 6 lb packages of pasture-raised chicken wings, ensuring you have plenty to feed a hungry crowd.
Chicken Wings Value Pack
$45.99 per Value Pack
Chicken backs are loaded with gelatin and connective tissues, which are essential for thick, gut healthy broths! Simply add our chicken backs to some water and simmer for several hours to create your own! Pasture-raised in New Hampshire and Vermont. ~ 2-5lb bag
Chicken Backs
$1.99 / pound
These whole chickens are raised on pastures right here in New England. Their smaller size makes them ideal for soups and stocks!
Stock Chickens
$6.99 / pound
Walden's pasture-raised chicken liver is a nutrient-dense delicacy that is perfect for creating a delicious pate! Packed with essential vitamins and minerals, our high-quality chicken liver is a healthy addition to your diet. ~1lb packages.
Chicken Liver
$4.99 per Pack
Chicken skin is one of the best parts of a chicken! You can bake or fry it until it's nice and crispy for a perfect keto-friendly and paleo snack. Arrives frozen, unseasoned, and ready for your favorite recipe. ~1lb
Chicken Skin
$2.99 per ~1lb Pack
Truly pasture-raised local full wings (drumette+wing). Pick up a sauce and make a delicious party snack or a quick dinner! ~ 3 - 6 lb bag
Chicken Wings
$5.99 / pound