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corned beef half
From better briskets, comes better corned beef. Save brining time and add our pre-brined corned beef to your share- just cook & serve! Ingredients: Walden Beef Brisket, Water, Salt, Whole Garlic Cloves, White Sugar, Celery Powder, Whole Coriander, Whole Mustard Seed, Whole Black Peppercorns, Whole Allspice, Whole Cinnamon Sticks, Whole Bay Leaves. ~4-9 lbs
Medium Corned Beef (Raw)
$14.99 / pound
Arguably our most popular offering, our ground beef is flavorful and versatile and is roughly an 85/15 blend. If you would like to add recurring ground beef to your order, you can do so under the 'Your Share' tab on your member page. 1lb package
Ground Beef
$10.54 per Pound
bone in lamb stew meat
Our delicious bone-in stew meat is perfect for your next slow cooked stew! The added bone helps add depth and flavor to your recipe. Contains ~1lb of our pasture-raised lamb.
Lamb Bone In Stew Meat
$17.49 per Pack
Raised outdoors in New England and New York, our chickens produce flavorful and nutritious eggs.
Pasture-Raised Eggs
$9.99 per Dozen
Our salted butter is sustainably produced by small farmers from fresh cream sourced from 100% grass-fed cows in central New York. Whether spread on country bread or added to a hearty soup, its rich taste and superior quality are sure to impress you. 8oz tub.
Salted Butter
$10.54 per Unit
A must-add to your next cheese and charcuterie board! Our Cheddar Cheese is made with the same organic, grass-fed A2 milk as our Whole Milk. Its sweet, savory and grassy flavors balanced with a slght cheddar bite make it a perfect all-purpose cheese. It pairs perfectly with our Salamis and Pepperoni! Ingredients: Organic Cultured Unpasteurized Milk, Sea Salt, Enzymes. Contains Milk. 8oz.
Grass-Fed Cheddar
$15.99 per Unit
Grass-Fed Jack-Style Cheese
A must-add to your next cheese and charcuterie board! Our Grass-fed, Jack-style Cheese pairs perfectly with our Salamis and Pepperoni, and it is a perfect "all uses" cheese for recipes, melting, or just slicing on a sandwich. Ingredients: Organic cultured unpasteurized milk, sea salt, enzymes. Contains Milk. 8oz.
Grass-Fed Jack-Style Cheese
$11.99 per Unit
Our Fennel Salami can be paired with our Grass-fed Cheddar and Pepperoni for a festive charcuterie board, or added to your favorite Italian sandwich. Fennel adds a touch of sweetness and herbal notes that are the perfect foil for the clean flavors of our pasture-raised pork. Ingredients: Walden Pork, Sea Salt, White Wine, Celery Juice Powder, Fennel, Garlic, Water, Turbinado Sugar, Black Pepper, Lactic Acid Starter Culture. 5oz.
Fennel Salami
$10.49 per Unit