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Our 4 newest salami items, together at last! Pair with your favorite cheeses and bread for an easy charcuterie platter. We think you're sure to find a new favorite here. Everything here is made from our local, pasture-raised pork. Pack includes: Red Wine and Garlic Salami (4oz), Fennel Salami (5oz), Pepperoni (5oz), and Sliced Genoa Salami (2.5oz)
Salami Sampler Pack
$29.99 per Pack
We've collected three of our favorite sauces that make great marinades for your meat on the grill, smoker, or your next stir-fry. Includes 1 each of our Gochugaru Lime Sauce, Korean BBQ Sauce, and Sriracha.
Essential Marinades Pack
$25.99 per Pack
The Gochugaru Lime Sauce that we developed with Not Just Co is a perfect marinade for our pasture-raised chicken wings, whether you cook them on the grill, in the smoker, or in the oven. Includes 1 bottle of Gochugaru Lime Sauce and 1 5lb bag of chicken wings.
Chicken Wing Spicy Marinade Pack
$29.99 per Pack
Expand your grilling horizons with the Mixed Grill share! A mix of classics and Walden Local member favorites will get you ready to host your next cookout! (8 pounds total, with 2 pounds of patties, 2 pounds of ground beef, and 4 pounds of mixed sausages)
Mixed Grill Pack
$69.99 per Pack
fall favorites pack
Welcome in the crisp weather with a lineup of member favorites. Create a truly local charcuterie board with our pasture-raised uncured pepperoni, smoked Andouille sausage, and our delicious grass-fed raw milk cheddar! Contains 1 ea Pepperoni, Grass-Fed Cheddar, Andouille Sausage.
Fall Favorites Snack Pack
$27.99 per Pack
Taco Starter Kit Pack
This pack contains all the building blocks for your next taco night at home! Includes 1lb of our pasture-raised ground pork, raw flour tortillas made with Walden pasture-raised pork lard, and El Barrio's amazing salsa macha. Add your favorite seasonal veggies and spices, your preferred cheese, and you've got a leveled-up, local taco dinner.
Taco Starter Kit Pack
$29.99 per Pack
Wake up right with a truly local breakfast using our amazing breakfast sandwich pack! Hand made English muffins, pasture-raised eggs, sage sausage patties, and our grass-fed cheddar...this pack is the perfect complement to your sunrise. Contains 1 pack of Sourdough English Muffins, 1 dozen pastured eggs, our sage pork breakfast sausage patties (1lb), and our grass-fed cheddar (8oz).
Breakfast Sandwich Pack
$26.99 per Pack
Two ~5 pound packages of pasture-raised chicken wings for $39.99. What could be a better way to celebrate barbecue season?
Chicken Wings Value Pack
$39.99 per
Try our member favorite sausage flavors! One Sweet Italian, Chorizo, seasonal Firecracker, and Kielbasa sausage.
Member Favorites Sausage Pack
$39.99 per Pack